The Great Stallion Search of ’09

As some of you know, I raise Tennessee Walkers.  As a huge part of life, they are going to part of this blog.  By huge part of my life, I mean the only other things I do are hop on the computer now and again to kill time when I’m not making horse phonecalls, working with horses, or cleaning tack.  So much a part of my life, I’m getting a business degree specially tailored for the industry (which I am excited about), but that’s another story.  This part of the story is all about getting one of my mares knocked up by the right guy.

**WARNING** If you know nothing about Tennessee Walkers, skip to the last paragraph.

As fewer of you know, finding a stallion is next to impossible for my broodmares.  I have Angel (Bolds Currier Angel) who is getting a few years off, and now Massy (Ebony’s Final Blaze).  Angel is foaling this June, and Massy is open.  Now, as you’ve seen if you look at her papers, Massy is a pretty special mare.  What makes her even more special is her coloring.  She is a loud sorrel sabino, despite having nearly all of her lines black and chestnut.  I’m a very traditional horsewoman, I like my bays, blacks, greys and chestnuts.  Massy has thrown me completely out of whack, I’m learning all sorts of weird and new things.  Also, with Massy, all my favourite stallions are so closely bred to her that it’s just too much linebreeding.  So, this year, I’ve started a quest for a completely different stallion.

I started with ones I knew.  JFK, A JFK’s Monopoly (my mare Delite’s Proud Love is in foal to him), Ivory Pal, and Coin’s Triple Play.  I’d met three of the four, and will be meeting Triple Play at the end of this month.  I’ve crossed out JFK (stud fee up to $1,500), but the rest remain solid contenders.  I’ve expanded to list to include Extra Cash.  Now that I put that list down, I realize how incredibly short it is.  Because of her bloodlines, it is hard to find a living stallion that compares.  But my reasoning behind each stallion goes as follows:

  • Monopoly – Lines, accomplishments, build, and I love the stallion to death.  A puppy in a huge package.
  • Ivory Pal – Build, head shake, accomplishments, love the horse and owner.  Palomino
  • Triple Play – Lines, size, not sure what else yet.  Meeting him on the 22nd.  Not a big fan of his build.
  • Extra Cash – Highly recommended by everyone I talk to, has a 12 year old daughter a friend has as a cheif broodmare who I am going to ride, lines.  Not sure about his shape, though.

So that’s about it.  All four of them.  For this breeding season, though, it really is a dead heat between Cash and Monopoly.  I have until the end of March to decide.  Will be blogging more about it as things move forward, but this gives some background info.

**For those that skipped, you may now begin reading**

Pictures of the horses will be posted soon, hoping for the winter coats to come out before glamour shots are taken.  I’m attending the Waterfall Colt Preview in Shelbyville on the 21st!  Seeing what others Monopoly weanlings are turning out like.  Will have tons of pictures then, along with a few anti padding and soring rants.  Until then, hug a horse people!


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