Learning to Love the Cardinal


Can we talk about something weird?  I mean really weird?  Something that disturbs me on a deep level?

My school’s mascot.  It’s a growling cardinal.  And that weirds me out.

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Moving, College, and Idina Menzel

What did I tell you about being commitment phobic?  It’s only been…. ok, it’s been over a month, but I have reasons, I swear!  First, the crazy news.  I’ve been accepted to the University of Louisville, and I’ve moved.  The uncrazy news?  The goddess of theatre and song has been stuck in my head for nearly a solid month.  In one form or another, one of her songs never leaves my head at all times.

So it is with a new purpose I move forward.  I am hereby (again) committing to do this.  For reals.

Try Number…. 10? 11?

I believe I have broken double didgets in the number of blogs I have started.  I am like a serial dater, but with more ADD and less of a life.  And no datable material around here.

Anywho, to the actual post and introduction.  I’m Liv, the one who you’ll be hearing from if you read any of this.   Do you really really want to know about me?  Really?  Check out the About page in a week or two, I’ll update it I swears.

Hello world!

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