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Acceptance Letter Saga

Jan 9th – UofL tour!  Super excited!  Talk to everyone I lay eyes on, with mixed results, and turn in the last of my documents to the admissions office.  Go to lunch, throw up for no obvious reason.  Continue to walk around campus and meet Terri, the super amazing equine program coordinator.  Be generally excited, giddy and annoying to all I meet.  I’m an incoming freshman, it’s my job.

Jan 11th – Jan 30th – Check my email every 30 seconds all day, all night, jump when my phone buzzes and tells me I have mail.  Check my snail mail twice a day, even though the mail only comes once a day.  Refuse to call UofL for updates for the risk of being annoying.

Feb 2nd – Finally call UofL.  Told that they are behind because of the Great Ice Storm of ’09, to call tomorrow or later in the week.  Freak out because, as a Georgia girl, I’ve seen snow less than a dozen times.

Feb 3rd – Called back.  Informed of my acceptance, that the letter was mailed that morning and will be there Monday.  Dance around like crazy, be generally excited and party.

Feb 4th- 9th – Patiently wait on the letter, still checking the mail too many times.

Feb 10th – Call UofL after hearing rumor that letters sent immediately after the ice storm were being returned to colleges because of mail confusion.  Be assured that if it isn’t there by Thursday to call back.

Feb 12th – Call back at 3pm, get voice mail.  Check mail again, call back at 4:30pm and 4:50pm.  Voicemail.

Feb 13th – Write this, wondering if I’ll get my letter on Friday the 13th or if I’ll have to wait until Monday.  Plan to call the admissions office at 8:59 am.

I’m pretty much convinced at this point that the USPS is holding my acceptance letter to UofL hostage.  I’m not sure for what (a cookie?) but there is no reason it shouldn’t be here.  It should have been here Friday, but here we are early next Friday morning without it.  I get my mail at a place that is in a shopping center close to my horses, so I have to drive by there every day regardless.  I call every day some time between 1pm and 2:30pm, hoping the mail truck has arrived, usually to be told to call back a little later and maybe it will come.  When the truck does get there, I’ve been left alone, letterless.

I’m impatient for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I’m just damned impatient.  B, I have to apply for the Academic Common Market in order to get in-state tuition, and the earlier I do that the better.  Thirdly, I am excited to be going to college.  Also, see #1.

I’ll update with Acceptance Letter Saga Part 2 soon, hopefully.  As soon as I get it.  Which, the way this is going, may not be until I graduate.


Learning to Love the Cardinal


Can we talk about something weird?  I mean really weird?  Something that disturbs me on a deep level?

My school’s mascot.  It’s a growling cardinal.  And that weirds me out.

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Moving, College, and Idina Menzel

What did I tell you about being commitment phobic?  It’s only been…. ok, it’s been over a month, but I have reasons, I swear!  First, the crazy news.  I’ve been accepted to the University of Louisville, and I’ve moved.  The uncrazy news?  The goddess of theatre and song has been stuck in my head for nearly a solid month.  In one form or another, one of her songs never leaves my head at all times.

So it is with a new purpose I move forward.  I am hereby (again) committing to do this.  For reals.